In Septemeber 2008, I traveled 6000 miles to Haiti's Kenscoff mountains. My mission: to care for some of the orphaned and abandoned, the sick, malnourished and premature infants of this beautiful but beleagured Caribbean nation.

Monday, 1 September 2008

My role at GLA

The view from the roof of the guest house: we are surrounded by mountains

I had my meeting with Dixie on Friday Afternoon. She would like me to focus my attentions on the babies in the high care nursery, because these little ones are the most fragile. Dixie would like me to review the babies height and weights and, she has asked that I help organize the emergency medical equipment.

I will have the opportunity to work alongside a Haitian paediatrician, who visits the orphanage one day per week. This will be a great opportunity to learn about tropical infections, how to recognise them, and how they are managed in Haiti. The Haitian nurses will also be able help me get handle on this.

They will be teaching me to site IV lines and, in return, I will do my best to pass on specific paediatric nursing knowledge that they might be lacking. There is a lot we can learn from one another.

During quiet times, I will be free to give TLC to individual babies. I will introduce you to some of them later this week. They are all beautiful; several all ready have my heart.

Specific prayer points:
  • That I will be able to develop positive relationships with the nurses and nannies.
  • That both the Haitian nurses and I will be open to the new ideas, new knowledge, new kills and new ways of working and that we will learn for one another.
  • That my presence will bless the nannies and and the babies here.
  • That God will protect our health: I had a touch of "Haitian Happiness" over the weekend (They might call it "Delhi Belly" on other continents!) It was very minor and, thanks to God, I recovered quickly.

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BSC said...

It's great to know how to specifically pray for you. Thanks for sharing.