In Septemeber 2008, I traveled 6000 miles to Haiti's Kenscoff mountains. My mission: to care for some of the orphaned and abandoned, the sick, malnourished and premature infants of this beautiful but beleagured Caribbean nation.

Friday, 22 May 2009

A Fish Baby and People Who Fly by Night

Update: The whole of Haiti is talking about the Fish Baby. Two Radio Stations have reported the story. The only print version I have been able to source is in French.

A fellow blogger managed to get a photo of the 'fish'. See it for yourself and make up your own mind.

It was almost 5pm. I was burping a baby, and I was not concentrating on the nannies Kreyol banter. When they decided to draw me in, I was was two steps behind.

'Susan', Ginette began. There was mischief in her eyes.
'Yes Cherie?'
'Do you have Lougawou in Scotland?'
'Louga what?'
And I thought she answered, 'People who throw at night.' The Haitians around me erupted in laughter. I didn't understand the joke.

It turns out that in Haiti, there are people with supernatural abilities. These people are called Lougawou and they fly, but only at night. The nannies are not sure whether they practice witchcraft but they certainly are not afraid of these people. Oh, no. Apparently, the Lougawou are afraid of Christians. And no, Miss Susan, Lougawou are not the stuff off stories, they are real.

'Well ladies, I have never come across a Lougawou in Scotland or anywhere else. First you tell me that a woman gave birth to a fish last night, and now this!

'Oh Susan, you are so funny!"

'Me? Did I give birth to the fish?' The ladies were beside themselves when I said this. Tears were streaming down their faces and they were holding their sides absolutely convulsing with laughter. I just do not think I'm that funny.

It was on the radio between 7am and 8am, apparently. A Woman in Okays gave birth to a fish.
'Are you kidding me'
Are they kidding you.'
'Susan, my Haitian colleague replied tolerantly, 'they do not play around when they tell the news on the radio.' After all, I am a "Blan" and there are are things, she knows, I just can't be expected to understand. Even some very basic truths.

Did they think it was a baby whose leg weren't separated?
No, it was a fish, they said so on the radio.
So what did they do? Put the fish in the sea.
No they did not.
So the fish died then?

No, it is in the hospital. That's what they said on the radio.

I love Haitians so much!


Lisa said...

I as well love Haitians..They are so funny and just love life even with little..I am a Peds Rn in Tennessee and do medical clinics in Haiti (coq chante) and love it.I found your blog and have been keeping up with it.I would love to come one day and visit! Keep up the good work and know that people are praying for you,the babies and all the Haitians...

Nephtalie said...

hello :)
well i am hatian and i have been told stories about Lougawou for a long time and i half believe it and im half skeptical about the whole thing but it doesn't hurt to be watchful lol

today my dad told me about the fish baby and i had to look for it that picture is sooo disturbing :S
i hate it but i do think that lady really had that fish i have seen some strange things in haiti some just cant be explained you jusy have to take them as they are

but hey who knows

very disturbing picture !

valerie said...

That picture is sooooo disgusting! I heard that the mother of this 'baby fish' had to have done something awful to someone in order for them to do voodoo on her & cause her fetus to turn into a fish (or any animal of their desire)! A word of advice: 'Watch what you say or do to a Haitian person...especially the women'!