In Septemeber 2008, I traveled 6000 miles to Haiti's Kenscoff mountains. My mission: to care for some of the orphaned and abandoned, the sick, malnourished and premature infants of this beautiful but beleagured Caribbean nation.

Monday, 18 January 2010

A Knock At My Door

Today, 23 of our children were due to be evacuated on a Belgian relief flight. These children are being adopted by families in the Netherlands and will be leaving Haiti, to join their adoptive families in Holland. In the end, the necessary paperwork was not completed on time, so these children will now be leaving tomorrow. It is possible that a further 13 children, who are in the process of being adopted by Luxembourgian families, will leave on the same flight.

God's Littlest Angels is working very hard to evacuate as many of our children as we possibly can. Although a limited amount of water and diesel have been brought through to us by missionaries in the Dominican public, there are very real concerns about our ability to obtain consistent supplies of essential items such baby milk and medicines over the following weeks and months. While the situation at our orphanage is not critical at this point, it is thought that many infants and young children in Haiti will die from illness and starvation in the aftermath of this disaster. We don't want a single one of our little ones to perish.

Later in the day, we received news that the US Department of Homeland Security were going to issue a statement indicating that they would be allowing orphaned Haitian children to enter the United States, temporarily, on humanitarian parole. This opens up the possibility that all of the children currently being cared for by God's Littlest Angels, could be leaving in the next week.

It is incredibly difficult to come to terms with the possibility of being separated from so many of our children, so suddenly. I am particularly attached to some of our medically fragile children and it will be particularly upsetting for me to have to say good bye to them.

During my lunch break this afternoon, as I was sitting in my room, struggling with the reality of the incredible emotional upheaval that is coming, there was a knock at my door; a teenage boy had fallen and hurt his arm. There was also a little girl with a burn who needed to be assessed. These children could not access medical care at the closest hospital, which, is overwhelmed by earthquake victims.

A man came to our gate. He told our Director about an orphanage that had collapsed. The people who ran it had died, leaving 80 children, without food or shelter. It is likely that as soon as tomorrow, we will be admitting at least 20 children, under the age of two, to our main orphanage building.

The message is not lost on me; there will be little time to dwell on our sorrow. There are too many children who need us.


Wendy said...

Oh wow, what do we say except that we are praying for strength for you to continue. Love from New Zealand

Catching Butterflies 3 said...

Are you accepting any volunteers? I am praying for you.


Susan I can imagine it will be hard for you to let those you are caring for go but your arms will be filled very quickly. The littlest angels have been given wings to fly to safety...wave them off with a joyful heart and help your next group of little angels find their wings too. As many children as possible must be given wings ..there is nothing left for them right now and think of the joy when they surely will return in years to come healthy happy and looking for the wonderful nurse who cared and protected them ...and pinned on their wings so they could fly. Your truly courageous and may the strength beyond normal be with you every minute of every day. hugs Michelle

Virginie said...

I'm praying for you all in Haïti. We met in 2002 with our son Luc adopted through NLL. At the time we stayed at Ariane's, and she was the one who told us about you and your orphanage. God bless you all. I' m trying to have some news so it's a rela relief to read on your Web site. Virginie

Virginie said...

Sorry: my comment was intended to reach Dixie! Take care of you. God bless you all.

Tiana said...

We are praying for you and your little ones!

There are so many Christians in the US who want to know if we can help by bringing one of these little ones into our homes. Our hearts are with you!

nicnacpaddywac said...

I can't imagine the emotions of so many little ones leaving so suddenly, particularly those you are especially close to - thoughts are with you sweetie. x

Cathy said...

pOh I think God is answering my prayers. It is so easy to pray, to send money, send supplies but I think as Christians we must actively help physically. We took in family when the hurricane hit into homes we had vacant. I am not understanding why these children and possibly their mothers cannot be giving temp. green cards or whatever to come here until their infrastructure is sound again. Let the men and boys that can stay and let us take in these children. If some are found to be available for adoption and the US is best we could do that, but if it is just to love God's children no matter what country we are from, let us stand up and do this. We must become active and put ourselves out there for help. Please if you have any advice on how I can become more active and temporarily take in children or families, please let me know. I do run an agency but that would never be my goal. I would love to just help these children be safe, loved and healthy.

WaGer said...

Praying for you there.